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           Malaysian E-mail Addresses

Two Millions Email Addresses on CD! Over two Millions truly Fresh and ACTIVE Malaysian Email Addresses! Not available anywhere before. New opportunity!

Every CD is custom-made for you, our valued customer. No two CDs are the same because the emails are continually updated on daily basis. The CD we sell today and the one next week will contain many thousands of different names due to the dynamic nature of the internet as new email accounts are opened and old ones closed.

All the names are verified through our special software as deliverable a few days before we put them on a CD-ROM for you. Our network of computers which are running day and night will verify the validity of each email address on the CD before delivery to you. This is your assurance that you get the freshest emails for your order!

We don't compile old emails and then make the same CD over and over again like other firms. Each and every CD is custom-made with the latest and freshest emails available.

Our CD contains the addresses of highly responsive individuals. You are dealing with the prime source. This is the best available email addresses CD in the market! 

This CD is HOT. Get your copy today before it is all gone. The price is a real bargain. Only RM665.00 each. Not cheap but not expensive either. Only good value for your money!

You get the RESELL RIGHTS for each CD. You can resell and keep all the profits. This applies to all the various email CDs that we sell for many other categories of addresses.

Hurry, order before this opportunity is closed!

Any questions please call us at 016 630 8457 (Mr. Paul) - Miranda Enterprise.

How To Order: Print the form below and mail it in today with your payment! We accept payment by Postal Orders, Money Order, Check, Cheque, Bank Draft and Cash.

Order for 100,000 names or the full two million to suit your budget. The CD contains loads of POP3 addresses such as those of Jaring, Tm.Net, Maxis, Time as well as those of local ones - catcha, cari, lelong, star, skali, banks, businesses, and also those of Yahoo!, Hotmail, etc., etc.

Order today or phone 016 630 8457 (Mr. Paul)  for more information.


#MY-ECD1 - 100,000 names - Only RM95.00

#MY-ECD2 - 250,000 names - Only RM152.00

#MY-ECD3 - 500,000 names - Only RM228.00

#MY-ECD4 - 1,000,000 names - Only RM375.00

#MY-ECD5 - 2,000,000 names - Only RM665.00


All sales of email addresses, software and similar intangible products and services are final. Intangible products are easily copied and abused so all sales are final for such items. No refund is possible for such information products. This is a worldwide trend. However, we can exchange the CD-ROM  if it is defective (cannot be read by the CD-ROM drive).

When you buy our email lists or CDs, you are given the Resell Rights to them. You own them and can use them as often as you wish. You can resell them to others and keep all the profits. There are no limitations of your usage unless specified otherwise for each product. 

    To order by mail or email this Order Form.   


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -    ORDER FORM   - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Yes! Rush me the new 2 Million Plus Malaysian Email Addresses CD. I understand that full Resell Rights are included!

I enclose Postal Orders/Money Order/Check/Cheque/Bank Draft/Cash for RM665.00

Please allow 7-14 Business days for your CD to arrive to ensure that you get the freshest and latest emails available!




City _________________ State ______ Zip _____________


Email_____________________ # of CD's ordered ________

Total Amount Enclosed ________________ Date ________


Mail your order to: 


P.O. Box 394

70750 Seremban

Negeri Sembilan


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